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Digital solutions designed to support research across the social and behavioral sciences.

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APA Books® E-Collections
Essential annual electronic collections of APA-published, DRM-free scholarly and professional books for institutional purchase
APA Handbooks in Psychology®
Authoritative electronic reference books detailing a variety of psychology sub-disciplines
APA PsycArticles®
Full-text journal articles covering the latest research over 110 journals in the behavioral and social sciences published by the APA, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Hogrefe Publishing Group, the Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice, and more
APA PsycBooks®
Chapter-level access from over 4,000 scholarly and professional books, including classic foundational titles, out-of-print texts, and the complete APA Handbooks in Psychology® series
APA PsycExtra®
Full-text index of conference materials, factsheets, and other hard-to-find content in the behavioral and social sciences
APA PsycInfo®
The premier interdisciplinary abstracting & indexing database with over 4.6 million records
APA PsycTests®
APA's repository of psychological measures, scales, and research instruments
APA PsycTherapy®
A collection of training videos for teaching and learning psychotherapy techniques

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